Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Fools Day Cake

We've been sick over the past few days, lethargic and have hacky coughs, but that didn't thwart our April Fool's Day fun. For dinner we made an April Fool's Day cake. It sure was tasty. The filling is a chicken and rice casserole. The topping is food colored mashed potatoes. Bree, Taylor and I decorated the top. Sorry the pictures are all out of order. For some reason this silly program won't let me rearrange them tonight. Oh well.The next picture is of Carson. The poor little guy got so confused. He kept pointing and saying "cookie" because he doesn't know how to say cake. Taylor gave him a piece and he spit it out, then pointed to Bree's plate and said, "Cookie." We gave him some of hers and he spit it out. He continued this until he tried all of ours. After dinner we walked past the "cake" and he pointed and said "cookie" and then pulled his arm back and made a discusted look. Here's part of the look. :)