Monday, September 22, 2008

Baking with Grandma LaRene

BreeAnna and Grandma LaRene baked cupcakes together on Friday the 19th of September. BreeAnna had
a blast with her grandma. The next day she went over to grandma's to decorate the cupcakes. I think she enjoyed eating the sprinkles more than the decorating. She made a sprinkle salad in the frosting lid and messily enjoyed licking and dipping her fingers in it.
(Don't worry, mom, if you read this, I washed the lid with soap and water before putting it back on your frosting container.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

August 26th, 2008

The new and latest with the Eshelman Family:

On August 26th, 2008, the neighborhood stork dropped off a new addition to our little family. We named him Carson Rex Eshelman. His middle name was chosen because it represents 3 of Carson's forefathers. Rex is my maternal grandfather's name. Ray is a derivative of Rex. They all mean King and councilor. Ray is the name of Taylor's step-dad and the name of my biological dad. Hence the name for our little C-Rex. (T-Rex)

When Carson slid out into the real world, the doctor said that he was in competition with his sister, birth-weight wise. Turns out, they weighed the same, 5 lbs. 9 0z. Carson was a wee shorter, though, measuring 18 1/2 inches long.

The labor and delivery went smoothly; well as smoothly as a delivery can go. It was a night and day difference from BreeAnna's delivery. The nurses were extremely nice and helpful, the doctor was actually there to catch the baby, they treated our baby wonderfully, and we had a great location for our room (right acroos from the snack and movie room and away from heavy traffic), the hospital was close to our home and to most of our family and friends' homes, and the doctors were kind and helpful. Carson came out healthy and he was able to stay in my room almost the whole hospital stay.

We're happy to have him home with us. He's such a good baby. BreeAnna loves her baby brother!!! Now that she's healthy again, she's able to hold him and play with him. When we came home from the hospital with Carson, BreeAnna was sick. She was close to being admitted to the hospital. The doctor thought she had pneumonia; her oxygen level was at 84% and her lungs sounded poor. Doctors want oxygen levels at least above 90%. She had two ear infections and bronchitis. We had to do nebulizer treatments on her every four hours, even throughout the night, for 7+ days. Poor girl. Taylor quarantined us to my bedroom so that we wouldn't get sick. (We didn't want Carson to get sick.) By the end of two days, I was ready for a melt down. I wanted to sleep out under the stars. I hadn't seen daylight and smelt fresh air for days it seemed. The baby and I lived and slept in my bedroom for a week. BreeAnna was mommy hungry and to be honest, I was missing my little girl too. So, I would put Carson in his crib to sleep and then I would spend some quality mommy/daughter time with Bree. Then I'd change shirts and spend time with Carson, so on and so forth.

We're healthy now and have been enjoying spending time together as a family. BreeAnna loves her little brother. She's such a great help. :)

Thank you to all of those who helped us out during that two week period after Carson's birth. We appreciate it and love you all! And thank you to everyone for the gifts.

Grandpa Ray G. Beckstrom and Carson

Aunt Sharlene Ahlin (Grandpa Beckstrom's sister)

Grandma LaRene Jensen

Grandma Amy Monroe

Uncle Neil and Grandpa Ray Monroe

Aunt Sharon (Grandma Amy Monroe's sister)