Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Celebrating BreeAnna's Birthday with Papa Ray Beckstrom

Last weekend, June 5th 2010, BreeAnna and I, her mommy, got to spend the weekend with Papa Ray Beckstrom for an early BreeAnna birthday celebration. When we were driving up to his house (2 hours away), we called him on the cell phone. It was entertaining listening to Bree talk to her Papa. Every 20 seconds or so she'd say his name, "Papa Ray Beckstrom". I honestly think she just loves to say the name. "Papa Ray Beckstrom. Papa Ray Beckstrom. Papa Ray Beckstrom". That is kinda fun to say. : ) And I must say she sure loves him. Here are a few snapshots of the trip, although we didn't get a picture of them on the four-wheeler together. I got those pics with the cell phone, however.
Bree signing how old she's turning.
Papa Ray Beckstrom took her shopping for her birthday and bought her a helmet and Rollerblades! Wahoo! BreeAnna is crazy about roller blading ever since we took her to Classic Skating last summer. There was a free family night for the members of the Orem Library Reading Program. I'm kinda excited cause I love to roller blade myself. Now I've got someone to go with. She also loves to rock climb. I'm totally looking forwarded to rock climbing with Bree. I just hope I'm not an old fogy by the time she's able to go with me.